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Artisan Industries Inc. provides purification/ separation for the process industries. From Process Development, R&D testing in our Technology Center, to Complete Engineered Systems, our experienced engineering team provides customer-focused solutions including improved aroma recovery, lower drying costs, and edible oils processing.

Artisan's technology is currently utilized in:
• Edible Oils • Glycerin Purification • CBD/Hemp Processing • Food & Beverage • Nutraceuticals • Flavors and Fragrances • Oleochemicals • Waste Processing.

Desmet is a leading global provider of custom-engineered plants and equipment for the food, feed and biofuels industries. Our reliable and innovative technologies transform oilseeds, grains and tropical oils into protein feed/food, edible oils/fats, oleochemicals and biofuel. We deliver best-in-class expertise through 3 long-standing brands: Desmet, Rosedowns and Stolz with a combined experience of over 300 years.



French Oil

French custom designs, manufactures, and supports oilseed processing equipment, full-press extraction, and preparation systems for food and industrial uses. Our long-lasting,durable equipment operates with maximum productivity and lower processing costs per ton. French’s process solutions meet and exceed industry standards of high-qualitycrude oil, meal, and
oil-extraction efficiencies.

J. Rettenmaier USA is the global leader in natural fibers production servicing a broad range of industries with an extensive product portfolio. JRS manufactures a variety of filtration media from natural renewable raw materials for the edible oil and biofuels industries. Our products are specifically designed to improve filtration performance, reduce bleaching earth consumption and to impart adsorption properties.




Keit’s breakthrough technology, the IRmadillo process analyzer, provides real-time chemical analyses during the processing of fats & oils. The IRmadillo is a robust, in-line,mid-infrared analyzer. It measures FFAs, FAME, water, phosphorus, soaps, glycerol & IV – simultaneously & in real time – improving enabling better monitoring and control of your manufacturing processes.

Maxfry GmbH was founded in 2002. Since its foundation, the family company has focused on improving the technical properties of vegetable oils and fats. Maxfry® specializes in the thermal and oxidative stabilization of oils and fats in the food industry. Comprehensive consulting services, as well as olive oil analysis – the only assessment of its kind in the world – complete the company’s portfolio.



Oils and Fats International

OILS & FATS INTERNATIONAL (OFI) has been serving the Oil Crops and Animal Fats industry since 1985, offering OFI Magazine, OFI Weekly Newsletter, Events and Social Media connections to this global industry: Twitter and LinkedIn

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SEPPURE is a CleanTech company that is transforming the way separation and purification processes are carried out in the food and bio-based low-carbon economy. This is made possible with the company’s unique and proprietary chemical-resistant nanofiltration membranes that separate mixtures at a molecular level. Our technology is enabling the replacement of energy-intensive thermal separation processes with a more energy-efficient process that is not dependent on fossil energy. This results in a 90% cut in energy consumption and GHG emissions leading to 50% reduction in related operating costs. We are empowering circularity and leading the way towards net-zero industries.